My Stand on Yolanda Politicking


This is a post that was originally taken from Facebook from a certain Rosalie Chan who shared her views about the politicking by people from the Noynoy Aquino administration in the national government that has been going on. Please feel free to pass this around.

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I am just an ordinary person, a Taclobanon. I was there in Tacloban when the Storm of the Century lambasted my hometown. I am not a politico running for any government office. Why should I be heard? It is simply because I am one of the greatly affected by this conundrum infused in media by our very leaders.

I am not a Romualdez fanatic. But I feel the man. He cried out of frustration from a government he is a part of and he was begging mercy with. This morning, when I saw Mar Roxas on the television, I was hurt. Terribly hurt. What he said struck me. It was like adding insult to injury. It was already a month after Yolanda. We who are greatly affected are trying our best to move on. To see him, straight faced, with no sympathy at all, telling the whole country that our Mayor, Romualdez, might be suffering from Post Traumatic Emotional Disorder/Distress. It was a stupid thing to say! So downright insensitive! I now understand that he and his President has the same wavelength.

Speaking of our President, this brings me back on the day right after the storm. Me and my family, watched and counted the numerous choppers in the sky. I heaved a sigh, help is coming. But two days passed,nothing came. You see the people on the streets turn barbaric over the meager food that was left. It was a chaotic scene. Robbery, theft, and killing became a norm before your eyes. I remember talking to an injured high school classmate while we were lining up for medicines. He got injured while saving his father from the flood. He saw Mar Roxas in a car passing outside their home, they cried for help. Instead of encouraging words, the politician took out his camera and flashed on them, then sped away. So, insensitive.

Two days after, when the cellphone signal came back, we got to see the news. P-Noy interrupted the news with a speech stating that Tacloban was already in control. The streets were already cleared and relief goods properly delegated. How can that be when we were surrounded by corpses and stench with depleting supplies in our cupboard?!

It was at that moment we decided to leave tacloban. Because it was downright abandonment from the national government. It is painful to see a President with a sheepish smile address a death torn City. It is painful to see an Interior Secretary insulting the afflicted. I am not a Romualdez fan, but seeing my Mayor on his last term cry and beg and admit that he can’t do it all, gives comfort to me and my family who is trying to move on.

Another concern, please lang..not because we are airing out the truth doesn’t mean we are suffering from Post Traumatic Disorder.


Kung Parliamentary sana ang Pinas, we wouldn’t have to deal with such blatant incompetence from many of the officials in the national government. We wouldn’t need to endure such pettiness from a lousy “student council” government.

Please try to learn more about the Parliamentary System. It is because of our lousy Presidential System that the Philippines continually ends up in such a mess with incompetent leaders and clueless functionaries spoiling everything up, leading to the deaths of many innocent people. Remember the Bus Hostage Massacre of August 23, 2010? ThisTyphoon Disaster fiasco of the National Government is the exact same thing: The National Government refused to get involved early on when doing so clearly would have saved lives.

If we had a parliamentary system, the quality of leadership would be much better, and in case the leader fouls up, then the leader can be easily replaced.

By the way, don’t buy that crap that “the Philippines should not go parliamentary because Thailand is parliamentary and look at Thailand’s instability.” It’s downright wrong because Thailand clearly outperforms the Philippines economically and the quality of their leadership and governance is still superior to what we have in the Philippines despite whatever “instability” they have. On that alone, Thailand’s overall system (including their system of government) is better than the Philippines’ and besides, Thailand’s “parliamentary system” is not yet a full parliamentary system the way that the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, etc are. Thailand still has pretty much a semi-absolute monarch who still controls the military and this influence and power (versus giving full power to the parliament as in the case of the modern Westminster parliamentary systems) is why protesters generally appeal to the King to get the government removed or replaced — because the King has that influence.

(Read this article to learn about Thailand’s issues: The Royal Meddler)

BottomlineThe Philippines needs to overhaul its system — economic, administrative, and political. The Presidential System of the Philippines sucks and this is the reason we have lousy leadership. Learn about the Parliamentary Systemand find out how Constitutional Reform can make our country better so that we won’t have to deal with the kind of mess that Noynoy’s incompetent leadership has caused upon the Philippines.

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