CoRRECT™ stands for Constitutional Reform & Rectification for Economic Competitiveness & Transformation and represents the advocacy for amending the 1987 Constitution so that the Philippines can drastically improve its economy and create more jobs for its people through systemic reforms, which make up the Three Point Agenda:

(1) Economic Liberalization – removal of all anti-FDI restrictions in the Constitution
(2) Evolving Federalism – empowering the regions to become economically strong
(3) Parliamentary System – adoption of a much more efficient & accountable system of government

The CoRRECT™ Movement is a loose alliance of numerous individuals who happen to advocate the CoRRECT™ Three Point Agenda. It is not a centralized organization.

The aims of the CoRRECT™ Movement have more to do with information-dissemination among ordinary Filipinos and building up expertise on the three main reforms in order to better explain why all these reforms are necessary. The CoRRECT™ Movement is not meant to lobby politicians per se as there already are politicians in the system who are pushing for these reforms, but instead the movement’s key objective is to get the intelligentsia, the influential people, the middle classes, and ordinary people to understand why all these reforms are necessary.

We are ordinary people looking to get other ordinary people and non-politicians to understand why these reforms are necessary. As more and more of the ordinary people understand why we need these reforms, the clamor among the people will be stronger and politicians pushing for these reforms will be stronger in their resolve to get these reforms implemented.

Some people ask why we do not run of public office and form a political party. Our answer is that there already are political parties and politicians who support our stand. Our aim is to convince other people that these proposals are good because we – ordinary people – know that these are good for us as ordinary citizens who will benefit from these reforms. There is, after all, much more credibility for this Movement if we continue to remain as ordinary private citizens rather than going into politics which could cause some people to misconstrue our advocacy as being motivated by political gain. By remaining mere “ordinary concerned citizens”, our fellow ordinary citizens can better relate to us and understand that their concerns are our concerns, and that we have done the necessary research to arrive at our conclusions.

In our history, we were formed by highly-concerned ordinary private citizens who had spent more than 20 years doing painstaking extensive and intensive research on economic development, economic best practices employed by successful societies, and collecting a plethora of information and making intensive analysis and comparisons between different frameworks of territorial administration as well as different systems of government. The end result of this extreme dedication to looking for solid and proven solutions is the fight of our Movement for an FDI-friendly, Federal-Parliamentary System and our way of doing this is by carefully explaining why we need:

1) To remove the anti-FDI restrictions in the Philippine Constitution.

2) To shift to a Federalist Framework of Territorial Administration and

3) To shift to a Parliamentary System of Government

The “personal gain” we seek from pushing these reforms is that we – as ordinary citizens” will be able to enjoy better lives as more and more jobs become available, poverty and crime decrease, the rest of the country – not just Imperial Manila – improves, and our government becomes much more responsive and capable of meeting society’s need for public goods.

We simply ask that you take time to learn more about the Three Point Agenda and please join us and help spread the word!

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