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"The effect of these restrictions and their reality in application took away the incentives for existing foreign investors to improve on their public utility services. They had to divest in due time and their actions were mainly designed to make a sellout of their interests. During the 1960s and the early 1970s, the divestments took place – they were in electricity service, in transportation companies [land and shipping], in telephone and communications. Water and sewerage then was a public function and was not held by foreign investments but was a service that the public works department provided."

Gerardo Sicat, PhD | Professor Emeritus, School of Economics, University of the Philippines

Rules of Thumb

Presidential Systems are known to be problematic, unstable, and focus mostly on personality politics and popularity. Parliamentary Systems, on average, tend to perform better. Try comparing the top 30 countries according to any performance index, be it GDP per capita, Corruption Perceptions Index (Least Corrupt on top), Human Development Index, Global Competitiveness, etc, the results when compared against the bottom 30 countries are generally consistent. The majority of the top 30 in those rankings have Parliamentary Systems, while the majority of the bottom 30 have Presidential or strong Semi-Presidential Systems.

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