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"Transparency can also be improved by decentralization, since, because of easier monitoring, informational problems are less severe at the local level. Smaller constituencies facilitate the monitoring of the performance of elected representatives and public officials and, additionally, reduce the collective action problems related to political participation. Thus, in this sense, decentralized political systems tend to have stronger accountability mechanisms and lower corruption."

Norman Loayza (PhD), Daniel Lederman (PhD), Rodrigo Soares (PhD) | Authors of Accountability : Corruption: Institutions Matter"

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Presidential Systems are known to be problematic, unstable, and focus mostly on personality politics and popularity. Parliamentary Systems, on average, tend to perform better. Try comparing the top 30 countries according to any performance index, be it GDP per capita, Corruption Perceptions Index (Least Corrupt on top), Human Development Index, Global Competitiveness, etc, the results when compared against the bottom 30 countries are generally consistent. The majority of the top 30 in those rankings have Parliamentary Systems, while the majority of the bottom 30 have Presidential or strong Semi-Presidential Systems.

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