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"I am convinced that the Filipino electorate will continue to look for alternatives for the inept politicians who continue to ignore the wants and needs of the country. This will mean the arrival of more new political players who, just as Estrada has done, not only heavily rely on their popularity and financial support from segments of the elite, but who also as Estrada did, will lack the knowledge and skills to provide strong, enlightened and independent leadership. And so Philippine presidential elections will become, more than ever a popularity contest in which the average Filipino will continue to be the biggest losers."

Bastian van de Loo | Author of The Failure of the Philippine Presidential System

Rules of Thumb

Presidential Systems are known to be problematic, unstable, and focus mostly on personality politics and popularity. Parliamentary Systems, on average, tend to perform better. Try comparing the top 30 countries according to any performance index, be it GDP per capita, Corruption Perceptions Index (Least Corrupt on top), Human Development Index, Global Competitiveness, etc, the results when compared against the bottom 30 countries are generally consistent. The majority of the top 30 in those rankings have Parliamentary Systems, while the majority of the bottom 30 have Presidential or strong Semi-Presidential Systems.

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