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"From the beginning, the restrictions placed in the Constitution have been based on the mistaken interpretation of the regalian doctrine on natural resources. It was made to apply to the notion that only Filipino citizens are qualified to undertake the exploitation of Philippine natural resources. But by the regalian doctrine, natural resources belong to the state (or the nation) and that they are there for the welfare of the country’s citizens. It does not extend exclusively to the principle that only Filipinos should exploit them. It means that the state can undertake their exploitation so that the nation could benefit from incomes and revenues that are earned from these resources."

Gerardo Sicat, PhD | Professor Emeritus, School of Economics, University of the Philippines

Rules of Thumb

Don't ever believe that myth that Federalism will worsen warlords and dynasties. It's a lie that the Monsod couple - Christian and Winnie - invented and propagated on their TV appearances and their newspaper articles which they have repeated over and over again in order to brainwash Filipinos who don't know any better. But look at Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, Switzerland, and many other countries that use Federalism. Do you see them dominated by warlords and dynasties? No. In the case of Malaysia, the old traditional dynasties have been relegated to mostly ceremonial positions as Sultans who rotate amongst themselves to become the Federal King.

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