Proposed Philippine Constitution

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7 Responses

  1. MKDL Studios says:

    Articles I and II of the ’87 Constitution will be merged into Article I: Basic Government Principles.

  2. MKDL Studios says:

    I have altered the “imploring” phrase to the secular format proposed by “Kram Ecnerwal” based on

  3. cctapang says:

    As I stated in the Facebook discussion on this, I believe we should leave mention of God at least in the Preamble. Ninety percent of us Filipinos are Christians (80% Catholic). How can we sell this Proposed Constitution to the intellectuals (and then to the Filipinos themselves) if it is not based on our fundamental belief system?

  4. Daniel Joseph says:

    I agree with ccatapang. In addition, we must put God in this preamble because He is the ultimate lawmaker and lawgiver.

  5. cctapang says:

    For now I have put it back to where it was. Please post your objections as a comment here.

  6. MKDL Studios says:

    Given our nation’s rich Roman Catholic heritage, I therefore concede that the phrase “Almighty God” be used in the preamble. My apologies for the inconvenience.

  7. 1973 Constitution used the term of “Divine Providence” to appease the non-believers or agnostic. Philippines is a country of diverse people with numerous sects or beliefs, therefore, it is incumbent upon us to respect them as we respect other religions. Having the term “Almighty God” is unrepresentative of our country and of the diverse Filipino populace.

    To argue that “Ninety percent of us Filipinos are Christians (80% Catholic), henceforth ‘Almighty God” must be used” is simply uncorroborated. Such argumentation clearly displays tyranny rule–a clear disregard to the minority.