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This site uses facebook connect to authenticate users. Please do not create your username/password directly on this site. You should use your facebook username/password to login.  When you get to the login page, DO NOT enter your credentials directly on the page. Instead, click on the tiny Facebook logo just under the password textbox.

When the Facebook login prompt appears,  type your facebook username/password combination:

Login screenshot


If your login is successful, facebook will register you to the site:

Registration Page

On the site registration page shown above, simply fill out the security and username fields, and a new account will be created for you on the site. This new account is connected to your facebook account, so you can either login through facebook, or login to the site directly using this new site account. (Your new password will be emailed to you.) Normally you don’t have to remember this new username/password, but just in case the facebook connection fails, you can use it to login to the site.

By default, new registrants are given “subscriber” rights, which does not allow editing the Proposed Constitution wiki. In order to be granted “contributor” rights, which has edit and add permissions, you can send a request to the webmasters simply by clicking here. A form comes up in which you must fill out just the name and email fields:


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