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  1. The Constitution must explicitly spell out the very reason why we need a separate head of state. To simply put forward that the Philippines should have the President and only that may result to the instability of the position’s existence. Monarchy exists amidst the strong tide of republicanism because of a very simple duty to be the symbol of the country’s national identity. Consequently, the President must do the same.

    Henceforth, the President must be directly elected by the people. They must have the choice of who they want to represent them and remind the Government and all other politicians that they exist and perform the duties and privileges expected to their positions at the pleasure of the Filipino people. This would also make the President directly accountable to the electorate and not to any other politician.

    Being a head of state in a parliamentary government is a decisive and dangerous role. He/She must remain to be politically neutral so as not to be deeply involved in political mudsliding and other wickedness of the same sorts.