Chapter III – The Council of State

Article 108. The members of the Council of Government shall form the Council of State, in which the Vice President of the Republic shall have a seat when he has been elected. The Council of State shall be presided over by the President of the Republic.

Article 109. All Bills and important government measures shall be discussed in the Council of State. However, if the President of the Republic should be prevented from holding a Council of State he may entrust the discussion of a matter to the Council of Government. The vote of each Secretary shall be entered in a Journal, and any question shall be decided by a majority of votes. The President of the Council of Government shall submit the Journal, signed by the Secretaries present, to the President of the Republic, who shall decide whether he will immediately consent to the recommendations of the Council of Government, or return same in accordance with this Constitution.


Kristian Ligsay Jensen

Half Danish half Filipino. Born and raised in Southeast Asia - mostly the Philippines. Has been living in Denmark since the age of 18.

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